Kiwi Walker

Kiwi Walker is a High Quality, innovative and fun brand - a rare combination in any industry. With an extensive product range which includes Toys, beds, apparel, travel items, bowls and freeze dried treats; there really is something for everyone. With beds exhibiting the very best grade of memory foam with completely removable covers, toys which can withstand the very toughest chewer and treats that are completely natural; the brand represents the very best in terms of quality and affordability. The Kiwi Walker is attractively packaged and so any retailer stocking this brand will create a truly eye-catching stunning in store display.

Kiwi Walker products represent the very best in Quality, style and innovation, a winning formula!
Tracey-Louise Voss


Kiwi Walker

With thanks to Colchester Zoo



Super high quality ranges at an affordable price.



Eye catching designs and on-trend colours.



Freeze Dried and Oven dried treats for 100% natural treats and rewards.


Unique Products

Innovative yet practical, safe and fun products throughout an extensive portfolio.